The start of arbitration of 411 initiatives at the Makkah Forum

The secretariat of the Makkah Cultural Forum announced the initiation of arbitration of more than 411 initiatives submitted by several governmental, civil and individual agencies in the governorates of Makkah Al-Mukarramah region, all of which reinforce the theme of the forum in its fifth session, “How to be an example in the digital world?”

The secretariat of the forum explained that the start of arbitration of initiatives comes after the authorities raised their initiatives on the official website of the forum, while receiving individual initiatives will continue until the twenty-fifth of the current Rabi Al-Awwal.

Evaluation Criteria

The secretariat indicated that the arbitration and evaluation of initiatives depends on several criteria, which are the clarity of the idea of ​​the initiative, indicators of excellence, creativity and sustainability, in addition to the methodology of the initiative, the possibility of implementation and the results that touch the expected impact, noting that the arbitration work is undertaken by members of the faculty of the universities of Makkah Al-Mukarramah region.

She added: The initiatives carry creative ideas in line with the required standards in the use of mobile applications and websites to serve individuals and various sectors, and the best methods for harnessing computer programs in the application and transformation of ideas into reality that can be used in various fields.


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