The stars of the land of Kenana decorate the bride’s sky

Today, the sky of the “Bride of the Red Sea” was decorated with three stars from the “Land of Kenana” who flew the masses to other worlds, as the concert began with the young artist, Mohammed Al-Sharnoubi, who, upon his arrival in Jeddah, declared his great enthusiasm to meet the Saudi audience for the first time.

And “Al-Sharnoubi” excelled in his lyrical link, in which he sang many of his favorite songs for the audience, such as “Hata Min Al-Khayal” and “My Heart Is Rest”, which received great interaction from the audience.

He also sang a song for Caesar Kazem El-Saher from the words of Chancellor Turki Al-Sheikh.

tamer tales

The second link began with the artist Tamer Ashour, in which he sang “I lived with him stories” and “Biyaa”, from the words of Chancellor Turki Al Sheikh. While the audience interacted with “Ashour” with enthusiasm while singing his famous songs. And “Ashour” expressed great happiness with the Saudi audience, which he described as “the great audience.”

melody ending

The conclusion of the concert was with the artist “Angham”, who flew to the audience while torturing her feelings in a number of her songs, such as “My life is with you”, “You describe me with a vengeance”, “A very special case”, “He introduced her to me”, and a number of her Gulf songs such as “Teslam Yadinh”. and ‘strange’ and ‘don’t spell on my paws’.

She praised the tremendous efforts made by the Entertainment Authority, as well as the efforts of the company organizing the “benchmark” concert.


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