The spoiled child lacks adventure

Many mothers suffer in dealing with their child, who has clear behaviors of some contentiousness, which may be older than his real age, and behave very stubbornly and the lack of adventure and various skills, and Mona Al-Ghanem, a trainer of behavioral modification, stated that this is one of the indicators of the child’s reaching the stage of being above normal .


A spoiled child, or the so-called “spoiled child”, expects to get all the things he desires without rejection. He cannot control his whims and deal with rejection and disappointments in a healthy way. It may affect his personal relationships and the inability to empathize with others. It is also personal. She does not seek to search for hobbies, or develop her personal skills, as he always lives in a state of shock at rejection.

Opinion holder

Al-Ghanim said that the child becomes spoiled if he is the one who has the first opinion in the family, and the parents’ authority over him is weak, so he does not follow orders and does not accept advice, and the parents excessively protect him from surrounding things, which exposes him to many problems in the future, especially when he faces some challenges alone, or Be in a position to bear responsibility. She added that solving this problem is not impossible, because through some rules that must be set at home and adhering to them, this can be solved, the most important of which are: setting up a reward and encouragement system instead of gifts, giving the child a toy or gift whenever he does something good that makes him lose the innate and natural drive to excel. And he has to do good things just to get a gift. So you can create a reward board, or praise him in front of family members.

Remarkable qualities

Psychologist Muhammad Al-Asmari stated that the spirit of adventure is considered one of the characteristics observed in children in general, so there is no surprise when we see them behave according to their sound and healthy upbringing through discovery and the spirit of adventure, but the characteristic other than that raises many questions, including the description of the child with fear and introversion above the normal rate Or by the excessive indulgence that would make the child always attached to the comfort zone and close to his family, which would affect him in the future by forming good relationships with others away from his family, as the older he got, the more his personality did not cooperate, and the lack of love of participation, which may turn into narcissistic characteristics.

Dealing with a spoiled

Establish a system of reward and encouragement instead of gifts

Failure to respond to all the child’s requests

Do not reject without justification

Teach the child patience


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