“The Sisters”, the vitamin sorority

Wendy and her little sister Marine may love each other, they spend their time bickering. The teenager takes advantage of her younger sister’s naivety to drive her around or give her chores, such as picking up her magazine from the mailbox while it is raining heavily. Marine has the art of annoying her sister with her countless silliness: using her makeup to draw, stealing her diary or looting her closet to make a Halloween costume. A real tornado.

In the latest volume that has just appeared (1), the over-charged girl invents eccentric challenges: whether or not to juggle bits of quiche, to go to school with a sneaker on her head or to swallow a yogurt with tuna? His imagination seems limitless. His ability to twist the tongue too. “Esclabousplacher” or “époustoubluffant” are part of her everyday vocabulary and her elocution retains the tasty intonations of childhood, as when she says “kro” instead of “too much”.

“Over the books, Marine has not grown up, unlike Wendy, who has become a real teenager, with new concerns and a boyfriend”, notes the editor Olivier Sulpice, founder of Bamboo Édition. Originally, the two heroines of this comic created in 2006 were inspired by the real daughters of designer William, now aged 20 and 24, and the screenplay, co-written with Christophe Cazenove, is based on real anecdotes.

Sold nearly six million copies, the series has established itself as the favorite comic book for girls aged 7 to 12, at the top of the list of library loans. The Sisters are also at the center of an impressive galaxy of derivative products: a cartoon on M6 (two seasons), novels (40 volumes published), a video game or even a quarterly magazine published by Milan.

In our opinion

Despite the commercial overuse, the series has kept its good-natured humor and authenticity. Like the author, who still lives in her Millau pavilion where the stories take place, Wendy and Marine look like the middle-class girls to whom they are speaking: they have no superpowers and, for on vacation, they go to the beach in Sète or canoe in the region. Likewise, they never face serious problems. Mirror of its readers, The Sisters sends back, through his schoolboy gags and his energetic drawings, a rowdy but tender image of the sorority, between pillow fights and giggles.


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