The Saudi stock market index closed at 11,108.20 points

The main Saudi stock index closed today, up 87.13 points, to close at 11108.20 points, with transactions worth 7.4 billion riyals.

The volume of traded shares – according to the daily economic bulletin of the Saudi News Agency for the Saudi stock market – reached 208 million shares, shared by more than 360 thousand deals, in which the shares of 181 companies recorded an increase in their value, while the shares of 18 companies closed down.

The shares of Wafra, Advanced, Batik, Sadr, and Halwani Brothers were the highest gainers, while the shares of Petro Rabigh, Bupa Arabia, Bin Dawood, Riyadh, and Al Muammar Information Systems Company, were the lowest in transactions, as the percentages of rise and fall ranged between 10.00% and 7.08%.

While the shares of Dar Al-Arkan, Petro Rabigh, Al-Enmaa, Tasnee, and Saudi Kayan companies were the most active in terms of quantity, while the shares of Al-Rajhi, Petro Rabigh, Saudi Telecom Company, SABIC, and Food Development were the most active in value.

The Saudi Parallel Shares Index (Nomu) closed today, up 262.58 points, to close at 23,450.29 points, with transactions worth 31 million riyals, and the volume of traded shares reached more than 530 thousand shares, shared by 1910 deals.


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