The Saudi Investment Bank cooperates with Trend Micro

In a new step by the Saudi Investment Bank aimed at improving all services provided to customers and ensuring their protection in a manner in which the customer is at the top of the hierarchy of priorities, the bank has embarked on adopting an investment plan that will rely on an advanced security approach that is characterized by its multiple security layers, to be in line with these endeavors with the data environment approach Modern virtualization.

The Saudi Investment Bank cooperated with Trend Micro Incorporated to make this step a success within its series of security solutions in order to protect its digital assets from cyber threats, and with the aim of providing unique and safer services to customers.

As a result, the bank has implemented, in accordance with its new defense controls, a security model according to a firm policy, which acts as a tool that balances the capabilities of the precautionary controls that control access to data and the advanced threat detection capabilities that are characterized by providing a comprehensive and integrated view, and thus the bank will be able through Trend Micro solutions From having detailed security analyzes for untrustworthy behaviors as well as an advanced mechanism to combat threats.

Ayman El Shafei, Head of the Information Security Operations Center at the Saudi Investment Bank, affirmed their vision of providing safe and secure environments to ensure customer confidence and meet the best requirements for distinguished banking, noting that this cooperation embodies a significant step towards achieving this vision.

Al-Shafei added, “With this partnership, we will be able to strengthen the bank’s defense and security controls in this field, by fortifying the bank’s environment with a security vision capable of detecting suspicious activities and providing the necessary protection proactively before they happen.”

On his part, Dr. Moataz Bin Ali, Vice President of Trend Micro, said that in light of the new business system, companies face great challenges from several aspects, and we believe that the only way to overcome these challenges is to contribute to the development of their business in a way that ensures meeting the growing needs of customers in order to enhance the security of their data through Relying on a trusted security partner. “

Moataz added, “We are proud of the confidence that the Saudi Investment Bank has placed in us in order to secure its digital transformation journey. We will also continue our efforts to bring our security innovations to the market, and enable our customers to defend themselves against, discover and respond to cyber threats in a better way.”


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