The Saudi Film Authority launches its strategy

Today in Riyadh, the Film Authority launched its strategy to develop the film sector in the Kingdom, under the patronage of the Minister of Culture and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Film Authority Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan, and in the presence of the Deputy Minister of Culture, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Film Authority, Mr. Hamed bin Muhammad Fayez, the CEO of the Film Authority and Eng. Abdullah Al-Ayyaf, along with the pioneers and filmmakers in the Kingdom, a number of strategic partners, and a group of media professionals, intellectuals and actors in the field of filmmaking.

The Deputy Minister of Culture explained that the Film Authority’s strategy, with its diverse and comprehensive programs and initiatives, represents a first and correct step towards developing the sector, and supporting and empowering Saudi filmmakers with their various creative specializations, noting the Kingdom’s great potentials in this promising industry, both with the creative Saudi talents that won With prizes in regional and international film festivals, or with Saudi films that have achieved a remarkable presence locally and internationally, in addition to the production movement that has begun to grow in recent years thanks to the inspiring atmosphere created by the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

In a visual presentation to the CEO of the Film Authority, he indicated that the preparation of the Authority’s strategy for developing the film sector relied on a flexible and comprehensive approach, adding that the strategy included multiple initiatives and projects that serve the sector and partners, and contribute to achieving the objectives of the Ministry of Culture and the national strategy for culture emanating from the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, from By achieving growth in the Saudi film production sector and transforming it into a productive and competitive industry, it included producing local cinematic content that was attractive to the Saudi and international audience, and presenting the Kingdom as a leading global center for film production in the Middle East.

The ceremony included three visual performances, the first of which was titled “In the beginning was the cinema”, and the second was titled “What do filmmakers want?” And the third: We start where we left off, along with musical paragraphs, and backgrounds adorned with murals that include pictures of Saudi cinema-goers, as well as pictures from Al-Ahwash Cinema and the beginnings of local cinema.

The authority revealed the details of its strategy, which was based on a benchmarking comparison with the most important 20 countries in the film industry, to extract the best practices followed in order to formulate a comprehensive strategy for the Saudi film sector that takes into account the requirements of the stage and the needs of Saudi filmmakers in different specializations, and the benchmark comparison concluded with an analysis of the situation The current situation, and access to a definition of the sector, the functions and competencies of the authority, in addition to the initiatives, programs and projects, and the main objectives.

The authority’s strategy defined a vision represented in “consolidating the Kingdom’s position as a global center for the film industry in the heart of the Middle East,” while its mission was to “build and develop a creative Saudi film sector and enhance its capabilities at the local and international markets,” based on six strategic pillars: talent development Infrastructure, local production in the Kingdom, international production in the Kingdom, regulatory framework, film distribution and screening, to produce the strategy with six strategic objectives associated with the pillars, namely: ensuring that the film sector in the Kingdom has access to qualified talent at a competitive cost, and ensuring that the Saudi film sector has access to facilities and appropriate services at a competitive cost, stimulating the local production of films in the Kingdom, as well as attracting international production of films to the Kingdom, and creating an appropriate regulatory environment that promotes the development of the film sector, and stimulates the demand for Saudi films in the selected local and international markets.

According to the strategy, the Film Authority will work on 19 strategic initiatives aimed at creating a great movement in the film sector in the Kingdom, providing an infrastructure for film production, and empowering Saudi talents and capabilities.

These initiatives are: Education and Training, Professional Awareness Program, Talent Acquisition and Development, Film Aggregator, Regional Production Studios Network, Film Industry Exhibitions, Film Industry Stimulation Program, Saudi Film Incentive Program (Grants, Redemption, etc.), Memberships and Partnerships, and Development Program Business, the co-production promotion program, production systems support, display systems support, legalization of licensing procedures and no-objection certificates, implementation of guidelines for the international film sector, exhibitions, distribution and support partnerships, the National Film Archive, local and international Saudi cinema events, and an electronic platform for information and facilitation services, The Authority’s strategy has translated its initiatives into 46 projects that are scheduled to be implemented in specific time stages.

The authority explained that its strategy was designed to achieve three of the goals of the National Strategy for Culture for the year 2030, namely: the authority’s direct contribution to the gross domestic product, increasing the number of job opportunities in the film sector, and increasing the number of locally produced feature films.

The strategy identified seven indicators to measure the strategy’s performance and level of achievement, which are: the number of locally produced films, the percentage of local content on display platforms, the number of cinema screens, the area of ​​filming areas within production studios in the Kingdom, the number of students enrolled in film majors in the Kingdom, and the percentage of the average General satisfaction with the ease of doing business, and the show revenues of Saudi films (long and short) and Saudi series locally and globally through traditional and digital channels, as these indicators will give an accurate measure of the progress of the strategy implementation process.

The Film Authority is one of 11 cultural bodies affiliated with the Ministry of Culture, established in February of the year 2020 by a decision of the Council of Ministers. According to the strategy, the authority will assume multiple tasks, including managing and organizing the film sector, supporting and empowering filmmakers, developing the production environment, and marketing Saudi business locally and internationally. In addition to motivating institutions and companies to produce and develop content.


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