The Saudi Family Forum discusses the family in facing crises

The Minister of Human Resources and Social Development and Chairman of the Family Affairs Council, Eng. Ahmed Al-Rajhi, sponsors the Saudi Family Forum 2020, which is organized by the Family Council on 11-12 October 2020, under the title “The Family in the Face of Crises,” with the participation of many experts and specialists in the field.

The forum discusses four main axes, including the culture of risk and crisis management, lessons learned from the Corona pandemic, challenges and opportunities in crises, as well as the use of technology to adapt to crises, and risk management, such as the “Corona pandemic”.

The forum, in its third edition, which is held annually, focuses on the most important social issues affecting the family’s entity, its members and its stability, and its cohesion through several axes with which experts participate, in an effort to extract recommendations that form a starting point for proactive national plans that contribute to protecting the family and supporting it in facing emergency crises.

In the first axis, experts deal with the culture of risk and crisis management by examining factors and indicators to measure family adaptation to crises “health, social, educational, and educational” and life skills for crisis management and its role in family stability, in addition to the importance of the family’s economic structure, its role in overcoming crises, and the importance of Integration between institutions to support the family during crises.

The second axis of the forum deals with the lessons learned from the Coronavirus pandemic in a number of axes, most notably the social impact of the initiatives and policies launched to address the pandemic, and its results, and a review of the best local and international practices in facing the pandemic, and the importance of empowering the family during the Corona pandemic and beyond, through planning, distribution and Roles and responsibilities, and sense of responsibility.

In the third axis, the forum addresses the challenges and opportunities in crises, by examining how women can achieve a balance between family and work in light of the conditions that the world passed through due to the Corona pandemic, in addition to examining the impact of the crisis on children health, education, social and psychological, and the most prominent challenges and opportunities for the elderly and youth During a pandemic.

Speakers conclude the themes of the forum by discussing the use of technology to adapt to crises and managing risks, by reviewing the digital transformation in the provision of government services and its impact on the quality of services, and discussing the experience of the third sector response to the pandemic, locally and internationally, in addition to the use of technology in awareness and digital media during and after the pandemic .


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