The Red Sea inaugurates a 3.3 km long evil island bridge

The Red Sea Development Company announced yesterday the appointment of Archirodon Company to design and build a 1.2 kilometer bridge as part of the 3.3 kilometer total crossing linking the mainland to the main island of the project. The CEO of the company, John Pagano, said that the company “Archirodon”, the world leader in marine infrastructure projects, will provide support in the field of engineering, procurement and construction to complete the construction of the Shararah Bridge, which will consist of three parts, two short parts with a length of 36 meters on both ends of the crossing and then the bridge The main objective is to preserve the pre-existing waterways to allow the free movement of marine organisms through them.

Shuraira Bridge will become one of the main access points to the island, and another major step towards developing the destination, noting that this bridge is the first crossing linking the mainland with the destination islands, and stressed that the methods of designing and building the bridge keep pace with the strict standards of sustainable development followed by the Red Sea Development Company, including Strict control of the movement of any soil and sediment as a result of foundation construction activities, through multiple monitoring buoys that are strategically distributed to alert when any surges and changes occur on the surface.

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