The Red Sea Company … the first destination in the world to provide bottled water extracted from the atmosphere

The Red Sea Development Company, in cooperation with Source Global BBC, has succeeded in setting a new global standard in the field of bottled water, becoming the first destination in the world to offer bottled water extracted entirely from sunlight and air.

The CEO of the Red Sea Development Company, John Pagano, explained that the production of “Source” water will be based on a patented technology powered by solar energy, by extracting fresh water vapor from the air and turning it into drinking mineral water, and then the water it produces is bottled. The hydrogen panels within the plant also powered by solar energy, which is the largest of its kind, with a production capacity of 2 million bottles with a capacity of 330 ml annually, will initially produce 300,000 bottles per year, and the reusable glass bottles will be refilled within the plant as part of a fully sustainable and periodic distribution model, to achieve The goal of the project is to reach carbon neutrality and get rid of non-recyclable plastic bottles, and local suppliers will also be relied upon to obtain bottles and filling machines and even operate the plant, in support of Saudi companies and in an effort to reduce carbon emissions from the Red Sea project.

Pagano said: The company seeks to set new standards in sustainable development by adopting the latest technologies and practices that take into account the environment. Our partnership with Source Global contributes to making us the first destination in the world that provides bottled water from renewable sources, and reflects our firm commitment to Accomplishing our business by relying on renewable energy only and completely dispensing with non-recyclable plastic bottles, adding that the Red Sea Development Company provides unprecedented support for the sustainable tourism market, which is expected to record a growth of 130.12 billion US dollars between 2020 and 2024. The market stagnation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has remained stagnant, as 76% of consumers around the world are more concerned about sustainability in the post-pandemic period, while 68% of them are now more familiar with brands that consider sustainability in the travel sector.

Pagano pointed out that Source water will be the official bottled water of the project and will be provided at the beginning of the workers’ residential village, which is a residential and commercial area with 600 employees and workers at the project site. 2022, which will contribute to improving their sustainable experience.

For his part, CEO of Source Global, Cody Friesen, said: We are proud to support the distinguished efforts made by the Red Sea Development Company to build the most sustainable destination on earth, adding that the new “Source” water production line depends on extracting renewable fresh water from The atmosphere, using technology that operates entirely separately from the grid and has the potential to produce sustainable water anywhere in the world.

It is noteworthy that the Red Sea project will start receiving its first guests by the end of 2022, and the first phase of the project includes the construction of 16 hotels, providing a total of 3000 hotel rooms in five islands and two sites on land, in addition to recreational facilities, the airport, and the necessary infrastructure of facilities and logistical services.

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