The “Real Estate Fund” deposits more than 761 million riyals in the accounts of “sakani” beneficiaries.

The Real Estate Development Fund announced today that more than 761 million riyals have been deposited in the accounts of “sakani” beneficiaries from the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing and the “Real Estate Fund” for the month of September 2021.

The CEO of the Real Estate Development Fund, Mansour bin Madi, explained that the total support for this month was allocated to the profits of subsidized real estate financing contracts, pointing out that the total amount deposited in the accounts of “sakani” beneficiaries since the announcement of the transformation program in June 2017 until this September exceeded 31 billion riyals.

Bin Madi stated that the integration in the provision of electronic services between the “real estate fund” and the housing system and financing agencies from banks, financing companies, development and real estate comes with the aim of facilitating and simplifying the beneficiary’s journey to owning an appropriate housing by taking advantage of the financing and housing options for the mortgage loan program backed by profits by up to 100% He affirmed the Fund’s keenness to deposit the monthly support on time, in order to achieve the objectives of the Housing Program – one of the Vision 2030 programs – to increase the percentage of Saudi families owning their homes by 70% by 2030.

It is noteworthy that the Real Estate Development Fund continues to provide “subsidized loan” services through more than 43 electronic services through the fund’s electronic portal, in addition to providing the best 5 financing recommendations through the real estate advisor platform, and the unified call center 199088 and communication channels The social worker responded to the beneficiaries’ inquiries and questions about the “subsidized loan”.

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