The Real Estate Authority refers violators of real estate advertisement controls to the competent authorities

The Real Estate General Authority referred the first real estate violation to the competent authorities to implement the system, in order to carry out several violations, including forging the self-employment document.

The authority explained in a press statement today that the number of violating advertisements that were seized since the beginning of the application of the controls of real estate advertisements issued on 10/12/1442 AH amounted to (5560) violating real estate advertisements, as an extension of the authority’s efforts in organizing and supervising real estate activity and following up on the implementation of the controls of real estate advertisements.

The authority confirmed its continuous follow-up to establishments operating in the real estate sector to preserve the rights of dealers in the sector to ensure fair and transparent competition between real estate brokerage establishments, protect the rights of beneficiaries and service providers, to ensure compliance with the controls of real estate advertisements, to monitor all abuses and violations of non-compliant establishments, and to impose legal penalties against them in accordance with the regulations .

These regulations come within the role of the Real Estate General Authority in regulating and supervising the non-governmental real estate sector, which enhances the integration of the authority’s role with government agencies to enhance the attractiveness and vitality of the real estate sector and increase its reliability and innovation.

The authority receives complaints received through its official platforms, and it is possible to view the controls and submit reports through the authority’s website

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