The Public Transport Authority launches the “Distinguished Transport Partner” program for investors

The Public Transport Authority has launched the “Distinguished Transport Partner” program aimed at strengthening the partnership with the private sector working in various transport activities, so that the program includes every facility that has at least 500 vehicles licensed by the authority, whether they are trucks, buses, taxis or rental, within The authority is keen to enhance and develop its services provided to investors in the activities of land, sea and rail transport.

The authority based its clarification on the tremendous economic value of transport activities and its role in supplying the national non-oil economy and diversifying its sources, taking advantage of its digital channels to launch the program, including (Naql Gateway), in addition to its earlier announcement of the launch of 16 business service centers in 15 cities. Around the kingdom.

The General Supervisor of Operation and Digital Transformation at the Public Authority for Transport, Engineer Fahad Al-Baddah, explained that the authority was keen to strengthen its partnership with the private sector, which is an important partner in the Kingdom’s leadership on the regional and international scenes in the field of transport and logistics, which coincided with its work to find direct and interactive channels of communication. With investors by facilitating its electronic services and covering the need for immediate service centers in 15 cities in the Kingdom, which ensures the quality and sustainability of business development with the private sector in a stimulating and encouraging environment, whether for the local or international investor, and accelerating the achievement of high-value strategic goals, namely increasing the resilience of the economy and supporting Sustainable prosperity and growth, in a way that achieves the strategic direction and vision associated with the “partner” initiative, which was launched by His Highness the Crown Prince, may God protect him – during the month of March of this year.

Engineer Al-Baddah said: “While the Public Transport Authority is keen to implement new business models on the digital services side, it was keen before that to provide licensing, issuance and customer service services for those wishing to direct service in all business service centers around the Kingdom,” stressing that the authority is going to provide services. The quality of the distinguished investors in transport activities, which prompted it to launch the “Distinguished Transport Partner” program, which in the first stage is concerned with major carriers and distinguished people working in land transport activities who rely on modern digital technologies to issue their licenses, renew and request specific services commensurate with the volume of their business. The program includes every facility that has at least 500 vehicles licensed in any of the activities licensed and supervised by the authority in the field of road transport such as taxi activities, car rental, bus transportation, and trucking, in addition to allocating services for those distinguished in maritime and rail transport activities. The announcement of it will come soon, taking into account the important goals achieved through these licensed establishments, such as nationalization and boosting the national economy, in addition to their fulfillment of all requirements Quality to increase the efficiency of transport activities and the sustainability of its services, so that all of this contributes to transforming the Kingdom into a global logistics center, in realization of the 2030 vision.

Al-Baddah confirmed that the authority supported the program with digital communication outlets, as it launched a modern website for the transfer portal at WWW.NAQL.SA, and also launched interactive accounts for customer services on communication networks via the unified account @Naql_SAUDI


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