The Public Transport Authority issues the updated version of the Maritime Service Register

The Public Authority for Transport has issued the updated version of the Maritime Service Register, which is a proof of identity for workers on board ships, and is a condition for practicing professions related to commercial ships, sailing outside territorial waters, and containing all marine data and information, as well as showing the practical sea level and the names of ships that He served on board, indicating the date of his entry to any port and boarding the ship, in addition to marine visas and port seals, as an extension to facilitate the applicable maritime procedures.

This register is one of the documents regulating the work of seafarers, and confirms the strategic directions of the Authority, in order to serve the development of the maritime sector and reflect the efforts made to enable and create these services in accordance with the best international standards and models, and contribute to achieving the Kingdom’s position as a global logistics center linking the three continents.

The authority clarified that seafarers wishing to obtain the register should visit the transfer portal, and attach the required files after submitting the issuance request. It also invites all those wishing to obtain more information about the regulations, guides and their updates to visit the website The Authority’s official website is, or call the unified number 19929.


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