The primaries for dummies

One might think that it is with a primary as with a door: it must be open or closed. In this case: either anyone can vote for whoever they want, or only activists who have paid their dues can vote. Except that there is another option: the semi-open primary. The semi-open primary is neither fully open nor fully closed. We just put one foot in the door, to prevent it from being opened or closed. Note that we never speak of a semi-closed primary. It would probably be bad for the image. Whereas a semi-open primary is nothing more than a semi-closed primary. It’s like the closed primary, notice: in Les Républicains, a closed primary is called a convention. A congress is serious, it is strong, it is reassuring. While a closed primary, oh the ugly beast! If I understood correctly, Xavier Bertrand is against open or semi-open (or semi-closed) primaries, but would agree to a closed primary (for a congress, therefore). Provided he is the only candidate. It’s just one way to limit your risk. For its part, the Socialist Party, which nevertheless invented the open primary, is moving towards the same solution: it will be Anne Hidalgo or no one. We are closing ! All this reminds me of the open days of the specialists in closing: a formidable oxymoron. But it is undoubtedly too basic.


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