The people of the homeland are creative in documenting official occasions

The Saudi youth shined in the activities of the 91st National Day after the government and private agencies approved them to design and produce some visual and visual works to express the occasion, and to harness all possibilities for them to make their work successful. for its employees.

Attractive works

While most of the work of government agencies and the private sector was in the hands of Saudis who worked to provide wonderful content bearing their names, and expressing the participation of the working party on the occasion of the National Day, the pioneers of social networking sites have been busy in the recent period with the participation and evaluation of what has been published from each side.

Featured shots

In Madinah, a number of photographers, including Salman Faleh, took the water tower as a location to take pictures of the fireworks when they were launched in King Fahd Park due to its height and location, while Abdul Ilah Al Shamani chose to shoot from the crowd to show his touches, while the photographer Ahmed Al-Qahtani used horses to take pictures At different locations in the city.

collage panels

While the artist Magda Al-Mutairi participated in artistic paintings of the kings of Saudi Arabia that were presented in the exhibitions of Riyadh, Jeddah and King Saud University, which clarified that the idea of ​​drawings in general is an archaeological art inspired by collage, which is designed with certain programs and is used by smart devices, and the duration of the artwork for such paintings takes 4 to 5 days.

Al-Mutairi added, “After the work is finished, it is printed on a canvas, noting that the programs give each artist his privacy and his own touch, and this appears in the results of the work, and even when the final completion shows the extent of the difference between the designers’ works despite using one program.”


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