The other war

Nothing stops Vladimir Putin. No more the abuses on the Ukrainian front than the vision of his country which pitches and sinks more and more each day into isolation and penury. Nothing slows down its determination, neither the collapse of the rouble, nor galloping inflation, nor the recession which awaits. Two weeks to the day after the start of the offensive in Ukraine, Moscow, which recognizes a “economic warfare” when he just talks “special operation” on the military ground, further weakens its own balance by the announcement of an embargo on exports in the agricultural, telecommunications and electrical equipment sectors in particular. A few days before, US President Joe Biden announced the embargo on Russian oil and gas…

In these responses from the shepherd to the shepherdess, it is certainly for the moment the oligarchs linked to the Kremlin who remain the most affected. But in addition to Western sanctions, there are therefore Russian countermeasures. And if the “official” polls note an increase in Vladimir Putin’s popularity since the start of the war, the impoverishment of his country is on the way.

One by one, foreign brands are suspending their activity in the country: the latest, the Japanese Uniqlo, which wanted to remain neutral, was ordered to take a stand. More serious, the shortage of raw materials for the manufacture of drugs is beginning to hamper the treatment of basic diseases such as diabetes. Another war, internal and waged by Putin for years, muzzles any voice that could rise today against this policy of the worst. Without concealing or minimizing the ordeal endured by the Ukrainians, the tribute of this total war paid by the Russian population clearly promises to be heavy.


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