The Operational Excellence Conference kicks off next March with the participation of more than 50 global specialists

The International Operational Excellence Conference, organized by the Saline Water Conversion Corporation, will be launched in its first session under the slogan (Towards Global Leadership in Operational Excellence) during the period from 27-29 March, with the participation of specialists from different countries of the world to exchange knowledge experiences and improve operational practices in industrial and service facilities. The conference will be held in person at the Hilton Riyadh – Granada, and will be transmitted virtually to maximize the benefit of the conference attendees.

The conference will discuss the most prominent successful experiences in achieving operational excellence, in addition to reviewing the role of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the excellence of enterprises and the promotion of financial sustainability and global competitiveness.

The conference includes 7 sessions, 4 workshops and 2 panel discussions, with the participation of more than 50 speakers on several themes, most notably; Best local and regional practices in the methods of operation and management of energy and water-producing facilities, potential investment opportunities, research trends and the possibility of investing in them locally and internationally.

Registration link—operation-excellence-conference/virtal-registration—en/Site/Register


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