The opening of the Women’s Creativity Center in Abu Arish

Sultan Al-Hamidi, Vice President of the Social Finance Sector, in the Social Development Bank, inaugurated the Women’s Creativity Center for Productive Families, affiliated to the National Social Development Committee in Abu Arish, and launched the “Sawayed App” in the committee. Al-Hamidi reviewed a presentation from the committee’s chairman, Abdo Rajhi, about the center, which represents one of the committee’s training programs, with the support of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, with the aim of creating an integrated environment for training and qualifying girls, in the governorate and its affiliated centers, in skills and handicrafts that enable them to enter the market Work through projects supported by the “Sawaeed” portfolio of the Committee’s Productive Families Unit, which is supported by the Social Development Bank.

He also viewed a presentation on the stages of the center’s work, which includes in its first phase, sewing and cosmetic laboratories, a computer, a training room and workshops, while the committee seeks, during the second phase, to coordinate with donor institutions and supporting bodies, to expand the training laboratories needed by the labor market, where The program aims to train productive families, divorced and widowed women, security families, and prisoners’ families.

Al-Hamidi listened to a full explanation of the “Sawaeed Portfolio”, which is a social project for the Development Committee in Abu Arish, from which 274 families have benefited from the launch of the portfolio, from the beginning of the year 2019 to the end of last January, while the value of the projects financed by the bank’s portfolio amounted to more than 3,850,000 riyals since the launch of the portfolio. The Executive Director of Abu Arish Development Mohammed Al-Amir reviewed the committee’s most prominent programs and efforts to bypass the productive families of the Corona pandemic, which included establishing a arms store for productive families, providing direct material assistance and paying store rents, paying public service bills, providing in-kind assistance, and supporting specialized projects during the pandemic.


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