The oil port in Aden receives the sixth batch of the Saudi oil derivatives grant

The sixth batch of the Saudi oil derivatives grant provided by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen to the Republic of Yemen arrived at the oil port in Aden, with quantities amounting to 60 thousand metric tons of diesel, and 30 thousand metric tons of diesel; As the oil derivatives that have been supplied since the beginning of the grant amounted to 506,000 metric tons; To meet the monthly needs provided by the power stations in the Yemeni governorates.

The oil derivatives grant comes as an extension of the support provided by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the Republic of Yemen in all fields, and to grant the former Saudi oil derivatives amounting to more than 4.2 billion US dollars, while the total quantities of oil derivatives amount to 1,260,850 metric tons, with an amount of 422 million US dollars.

The Yemeni Minister of Electricity and Energy Anwar Kalashat explained that the Saudi oil derivatives grant has a very big impact on the economic level and on the level of providing electrical services in various regions, pointing to the great suffering before the grant came in terms of saving fuel, and there were power cuts of up to days, which arrived in Some governorates have reached 7 days of continuous interruption, but with the grant, there has been stability in electricity generation in the governorates for about 7 months since the start of the grant. Improving citizens’ lives and developing solutions to problems in the electricity sector.

He added that everyone is seeing the results of this grant and the improvement that took place in electricity generation, and now generation is almost stable, as generation in some governorates reaches 24 hours, and some governorates have improved significantly than they were before.

For his part, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Electricity and Energy Abdul Hakim Fadel confirmed that with the beginning of the new year 2022 AD, we receive the sixth batch of the Saudi oil derivatives grant, noting the Kingdom’s support provided through the SDRPY for the electricity sector, which had a great impact on people’s lives, and saved the Yemeni government sums The huge sums of millions of dollars that it incurred in providing fuel to the power stations, and had a great impact in supporting the Yemeni state treasury, which benefited from those sums to pay salaries and improve the rest of the services.

For his part, the First Undersecretary of Aden Governorate, Muhammad Nasr Al-Shazly, extended his thanks and appreciation on behalf of the Governor of Aden Ahmed Hamed Lamlas to everyone who contributed to the arrival of this sixth batch of the grant, which is an extension of the previous payments and contributed to the stability of electric power generation, explaining that the grant eased the suffering of the citizens. In Aden, he thanked the leadership and people of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and appreciated the efforts of the SDRPY, which works in various sectors, especially in the field of energy and electricity, which is a major artery for all services.

In turn, the Director of the SDRPY office in Aden, Ahmed Madkhali, confirmed that the oil derivatives grant provided through the SDRPY comes as an extension of the support provided to Yemen, and an affirmation of the brotherly and strong ties between the two brotherly countries, as it contributed significantly to solving the problem of frequent power cuts. Which contributed to stabilizing social life and providing health, education and other services, as well as raising the performance of vital sectors services in Yemen, and had a positive impact in providing health, educational and service services and achieving living stability, and contributed to stabilizing fuel prices, improving services for all vital sectors, and in Infrastructure development and improvement of basic services.

A committee composed of several Yemeni parties, including the Yemeni Ministry of Electricity and Energy, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, in addition to the General Electricity Corporation and the Aden Refineries, is participating in the SDRPY in supervising the distribution of oil derivatives to the governorates based on the previously provided need from power plants. The quantities supplied have contributed 333,000 tons of diesel and 173 thousand tons of mazut in the operation of more than 65 electric stations, based on the previously provided need from power plants in the governorates. Yemen, where more than 1,533 gigawatts of electrical energy has been produced. It enabled an increase in the energy produced by 17% for the year 2021 compared to the same period last year, and the increase in transmitted energy by 12% and in electricity sales by 13%, and in the grant of oil derivatives, by increasing the average operating hours to more than 20 hours in some governorates.

The oil derivatives grant is part of the support of the Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen, which presented more than 204 development projects and initiatives that it implemented in various Yemeni governorates to serve the Yemeni brothers in 7 basic sectors: education, health, water, transportation, agriculture and fisheries,

Building the capacities of government institutions in addition to development programs.


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