The National Center offers 19 investment opportunities in the dates sector

The National Center for Palms and Dates revealed 19 studies of investment opportunities in the manufacturing industries for dates. The most important information about dates and production in the Kingdom, in addition to introducing the role of the center and its programs through which it seeks to activate the local and global partnership in marketing the dates product and work to raise the level of production in addition to participation and holding exhibitions and activating the partnership between producing countries and global markets, and 15 companies participate in the mission’s work Saudi Arabia from the sectors of building materials, foodstuffs and renewable energy, with the aim of searching for new horizons for cooperation with American companies, and the Saudi American trade mission includes business matching meetings for Saudi companies to connect them with potential buyers in the American market in order to support better access to national products to the American market. It is mentioned that the Kingdom’s exports of dates reach more than 107 countries around the world and represent the percentage of Transformational trends are 24% of them.
The Kingdom’s keenness to lead in the field of dates globally led to the establishment of the International Date Council, which is concerned with the international scope, and the establishment of the World Dates Conference, which aims to shed light on investment opportunities in addition to encouraging investment in the sector by presenting more than 19 feasibility studies for investment opportunities in manufacturing industries.


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