The mythical sequence of ET the extraterrestrial

MYTHICAL CINEMA SHOTS (2/7) – All summer long, we tell you behind the scenes of a cult image taken from a masterpiece of the seventh art. This week: the unforgettable science fiction film by Steven Spielberg (1982) which alone symbolizes the Hollywood cinema of that time.

At nightfall, in the middle of the forest, little Elliott rides his bike with his extraterrestrial friend ET, installed in a basket fixed to the front of the handlebars. Suddenly, driven by the magical powers of the creature, the bicycle takes off in the sky under the cries of wonder of the little boy. A few seconds later, carried by the unforgettable music of John Williams, the silhouette of this strange aircraft passes in front of the moon and at the same time creates a moment of cinema, in the purest sense of the term. A powerful image that will be imprinted in the memory of several generations of spectators, ending up symbolizing both the work of a filmmaker, Steven Spielberg – who will adopt the image of the bicycle in front of the moon as the logo of his production, Amblin Entertainment – but also the spirit of an era and an art – the Hollywood cinema of the 1980s.

If this image has marked so much, it is undoubtedly by its absolute cinegenic force, but also by all the universal themes…

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