The mythical sequence of An elephant is very misleading

MYTHICAL CINEMA SHOTS (5/7) – All summer, we tell you behind the scenes of a cult image taken from a masterpiece of the seventh art. This week: the legendary plan of Yves Robert’s classic (1976). An offering to Jean Rochefort and his partners.

The year was 1976. Officially, the Trente Glorieuses had returned their apron twelve months earlier, no one had noticed. Giscard was in power, a much milder heat wave than today was going to mark the summer. Two people had a project. Yves Robert, director with his recent successes (The toy, then the double of Tall Blonde), and Jean-Loup Dabadie. Dabadie was the first violin of the dialogists of the time. A genius, a virtuoso. He knew the science of words like no one else and knew which actor to distribute them to. This tenor had just signed unforgettable dialogues for Sautet, including Vincent, François, Paul… and the others. A film about friendship to the protagonists entangled in their lives.

Robert has the idea of ​​doing the same thing, in a solar version. Four different friends brought together by their passion for tennis: according to him, nothing was better than men in short pants to show their desire to remain as children. It was the big fashion for…

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