The murder charge of two teenagers who assaulted a Pakistani driver

A court in Washington, DC, indicted two teenage girls who had assaulted a Pakistani driver while trying to steal his taxi.

The killing of the Pakistani-born taxi driver, Muhammad Anwar, 66, has ignited the media and communication in America over the past days, after horrific clips spread showing the driver’s last moments of terror, at the hands of two teenage girls, who wanted to steal him.

In details, Washington police announced last Sunday that two teenage girls were accused of stealing the car of the driver who worked for the company “Uber Eats”. She also stated in a statement that Anwar, who lives in Springfield, Virginia, was killed on Tuesday afternoon near National Park, adding that the two girls (13 and 15 years) assaulted him with an electric shock while his car was hijacked, which led to an accident, and he was injured. As a result, he was fatally wounded. While the family of the dead driver explained that the latter immigrated from Pakistan in 2014, and said in a statement on a page created on the Internet for fundraising, “He was a husband, father, grandfather, uncle and a beloved friend, he was always smiling.” “He left, leaving behind a family that cherished and loved him and missed him greatly,” she added.


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