The mother of the burnt Saudi: My son’s burns are not thrush

scorned The mother of the burnt SaudiIn one of the shelters in Jordan, the last statements of the Jordanian Minister of Social Development, Ayman Al-Mufleh, on the case, where he said that the burns of the young man were spontaneous, which means that it was done through hot water, or with a high degree of heat, noting that the forensic doctor, when looking into the incident, did not Even the cover reveals her son as they leave the room, had it not been for her insistence on revealing him.

She added, “As soon as he carried out the detection process, he told me: They will pay you an amount of compensation and spirituality for your country… What do you want in Jordan?”


The mother stated that the head of the forensic doctors in Jordan told her that the burning was the result of an incendiary chemical substance. She added, “My son is aware and cannot open the hot water on himself to reach the third degree burn, which cannot be done through hot water, according to What was mentioned to her by the chief forensic physician, in Amman, Dr. Moamen Al-Hadidi.

Minister’s statements

The Jordanian Minister of Social Development, Ayman Al-Mufleh, said in his last statement, that there is a report by the owner of the center, indicating that the child was burned, and said that the owner of the center had reported the incident to Family Protection and the Ministry of Social Development, and the Minister of Development explained that the case was transferred to the judiciary from Through the ministry and family protection.

In his speech, he said: At the beginning of the matter, the forensic medicine was detected, but due to the presence of some observations by the child’s mother and sympathy with her, the forensic medicine was re-examined again on the child’s situation, and a forensic committee was formed, and the results appeared recently, and the report found Burning is a “calcified substance”, and this means that burning is through hot water, or with a high degree of heat, and this is inconsistent with the requirements of that center, because the temperature should not exceed 60 degrees Celsius, and it means that the water temperature has reached higher than that.

He added: Also, by watching the video, through the surveillance cameras in the center, it was found that the supervisor left the child for two minutes and 20 seconds, and this is contrary.

It is noteworthy that the second forensic medical report was transferred to the Public Prosecutor, to reopen the case, close the center and transfer the center’s supervisor and those in charge of it, to the Public Prosecutor through the Ministry of Social Development.

the event

A center for people with disabilities in Jordan

the aggrieved

18 year old young man

the scene

Second- and third-degree burns in the lower abdomen and in the genitals.


Accommodation Center: The young man burned himself with hot water.

Jordan’s Minister of Social Development: The center was closed and the supervisor of the center and those in charge of it were transferred to the public prosecutor.

Consultants in forensic medicine: The burning was done with an incendiary chemical.

Victim’s mother:

The coroner, when looking into the incident, did not even reveal the cover for my son.

My son is aware and cannot turn the hot water on himself, to get a third degree burn.


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