The most important misconception about the cochlear

With the celebration of the International Day of Cochlear Implantation every year on the 25th of February, Bandar Al-Qahtani, consultant ear and cochlear implant surgery, pointed to the most important misconception about it, which is that implantation is suitable at any time, and it is true that if more than five years have passed and it has not been completed, it loses its importance.

Cochlear implant

Khabti Al-Muhanna, consultant otolaryngologist and head of the cochlear implant unit at Prince Sultan Military Medical City, explained that correcting misconceptions about this contributes to increasing awareness among the general public, through lectures, educational publications and direct meetings between cochlear implants, their families and specialists.

negative effect

Dr. Al-Qahtani said that the virus had a negative impact on the conduct of his cochlear implant operations, as clinics and admission departments were closed and caused delays in the diagnosis and operations of some patients, and even in post-operative auditory-verbal treatment.

Remote programming

Al-Qahtani added, “Because early diagnosis of cases gives better results, it is certain that every forced delay will result in fewer results than hoped, and this is what made us adapt to the pandemic and do remote programming of electronic cochlear implant devices.” Al-Qahtani notes that the Kingdom was one of the leading countries after the United States and Britain in implementing a remote device examination, which saved a lot of efforts for patients and provide them with remote service, and the remote virtual clinics service was activated, which facilitated giving the patient analyzes, medicines, and radiology appointments. Even medicines are safely shipped to the patient home.


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