The moon is in conjunction with the seven sisters tonight

It is monitored in the sky of the Arab world before midnight today, Saturday, September 25, 2021, and for the rest of the night the waning humpback moon near the cluster of Pleiades stars on the dome of the sky, which is the first pairing between them in the fall season this year.

The Astronomical Society explained that the humpback moon and the Pleiades will decorate the eastern horizon, where the cluster will be to the upper left of the moon – for the observer – but the Pleiades will not be easily seen with the naked eye from inside cities because of the light pollution that obscures the natural lights in the sky in addition to the presence of the moon, but the Pleiades can be seen easily through binoculars or when taking pictures.

She pointed out that the Pleiades cluster, which is also known as the Seven Sisters because of the brightest seven stars, resembles the stars of the Little Bear, except that it is misty in appearance. For us in the northern hemisphere, the Pleiades cluster decorates the nights of winter.

On the other hand, the red star Aldebaran will be observed below the horizon, and the observer will not face any problem in seeing it.

The stars of the Pleiades cluster are bound together by gravitational exchange between them and thrust together through space, and many Pleiades stars are hundreds of times brighter than the Sun.

It is noteworthy that the Thuraya cluster will not be visible to the naked eye from within the cities as in the picture, but it has been highlighted here to clarify its position relative to the moon only.


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