The Ministry of Transport continues to maintain the roads of the Hail region

The Ministry of Transport and Logistics continued to complete the implementation of maintenance and safety work on the roads of the Hail region, as part of its efforts and unremitting efforts to raise the quality of roads and their infrastructure in the Kingdom, improve the services provided to the people and residents of the region, improve the quality of life and enhance the interconnection of road networks between the cities and governorates of the Kingdom.

The Ministry of Transport and Logistics has implemented 8 radical maintenance projects, and the completion rate of safety initiatives in the region has reached 70%, after the Ministry implemented 6 projects, and implemented works with warning vibration technology with a length of 2320 km, and a high-tensile wire fence project with a length of 592 km, in addition to implementing Duplicate existing roads with a total length of 31.5 km.

The radical maintenance projects being implemented in the Hail region amount to 11 projects, 19 bridges were repaired, 12 intersections were illuminated with solar energy, 14 intersections were improved, and the existing roads were repaired and upgraded on 3 projects, with a total length of 135.5 km.

The Ministry also continued its efforts to raise the level of maintenance on a number of important roads in the region, including its work on the Ring Road with a length of 36 km, in addition to the implementation of a number of works on the Hail Al-Jawf Expressway with a length of 103 km, while the total lengths that are being worked on are on the Hail-Qassim Road The highway is 99 km, in addition to the implementation of a number of works on the Hail-Madina road at a length of 32 km, in addition to the implementation of maintenance works on the Hail-Baqa’a road with a length of 62 km, and the Hail-Shari road with a length of 61 km. The ministry has continued its efforts to maintain the Hail Al-Ula road at a rate of 67 km, up to the Hail Jubbah road, on which a number of maintenance works are being carried out at a rate of 20 km.

The Ministry is keen to implement its work with the highest standards of safety and quality on the roads, in accordance with its operational plan, to complete all projects and face all challenges, in order to enhance operational efficiency and performance and to provide effective services to beneficiaries, in order to achieve the goals and initiatives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.


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