The Ministry of Energy launches an electronic service to obtain a license for the activity of importing and exporting petroleum products

The Ministry of Energy announced the launch of an electronic service to issue a license for import and export activity of petroleum products, through the electronic services platform of the petroleum products trade system, from the official website of the ministry, at the link:, in implementation of the petroleum products trade system issued by the noble royal decree. No. (M/18) dated 28/1/1439 AH, which aims to regulate all aspects of commercial activity related to trading in petroleum products.

The ministry explained that obtaining licenses and permits is a basic requirement for practicing petroleum products trading activities, stressing that it contributes to regulating the process of practicing these activities, raises the efficiency of energy resource consumption, and enhances the monitoring of services and the quality of petroleum products, which will have a positive return in favor of the final consumer, and contribute to Strengthening the national economy.

The ministry stated that the technical and digital developments that it is currently applying contribute to strengthening the monitoring and control of the circulation and distribution of petroleum products in a systematic manner, and support the provision of energy in a more efficient and sustainable manner, taking into account safety requirements.

It is noteworthy that the aforementioned royal decree, in which the petroleum products trade system was issued, stipulates that the ministry shall set the necessary procedures and controls to regulate all aspects of commercial activity related to trade in petroleum products, including the aforementioned activities, for the purpose of measuring and raising the level of compliance and quality Performance in the national petroleum sector, in addition to controlling violations as stipulated in the system, and there are six other activities, in addition to import and export, for which it is required to obtain the necessary licenses from the Ministry, which are: sale, transport, distribution, storage, and use, whether use For incineration or as input (feedstock) in industrial processes.


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