The Minister of Industry visits the Geological Survey and reviews its eight initiatives

The Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Geological Survey, Mr. Bandar bin Ibrahim Al-Khorayef, visited the headquarters of the Geological Survey Authority, in Jeddah, yesterday, to see the progress of the work of the eight initiatives of the Authority that it is working on, in addition to watching the demonstration of the transformation stages in the Authority.

The CEO of the Commission, Eng. Abdullah bin Muftar Al-Shamrani, said that we were honored today by the visit of His Excellency the Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Geological Survey Authority, during which he was briefed on the progress of the work of the important initiatives of the Commission, which are among the foundations of the comprehensive strategy for mining, which would contribute and raise the efficiency and outputs of the technical work that achieves The aspirations of the Kingdom’s vision 2030 in the field of mining, in addition to informing him of a detailed presentation showing the stages of transformation and developments in the authority.

He stressed that the Commission has the scientific expertise and technical capabilities that help it to carry out procedures, studies and research, as well as advanced technical geological surveys that produce a geological database of high accuracy that supports aspects of local and international investment in the field of mining to be a tributary to the Kingdom in building its future.

And he indicated that the Commission has signed and established four contracts during the last period with international experts and consultants, who will work with the Commission in implementing the projects of the General Program for Geological Survey initiative, which is one of the most important comprehensive strategic initiatives for mining, which maximizes the added value through the exploration of mineral resources in the Kingdom, and achieving optimal exploitation. her with the development of mining investment.

And that this important stage aims to survey about 600,000 square kilometers of the Arabian Shield region, which is rich in minerals, located in the west of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which, God willing, guarantees the achievement of the high quality desired for the outputs of this program.

The head of the authority concluded his speech that there are main pillars on which the mining sector depends, which are providing geological data and accelerating the exploration process, general survey, value chain development, mineral industries and attracting investments, which are what the authority is currently based on, and we will, God willing, reach the aspirations of the state.

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