The media approves a 12-year-old girl book

The child Dalaa Bint Jaber Madkhali from “Jizan” demonstrated her talent since childhood, to make her way to success, after the Ministry of Information approved her book “The Negative Impact of Current Energy on the Environment and the Role of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 in Solving Its Problems”, which was prepared and completed by it. She is in sixth grade with the help of her father, and her teacher, Fatima Bint Hadi Madkhali. “Dala” hopes that its first book will be adopted by any party to print it, indicating that it wants to donate all proceeds from the book to the benefit of charitable organizations in the Kingdom.

Early talent

The talent of “Dala” emerged from a young age. Since the fourth grade of primary school, she paved her way to success, armed with what she gained from the culture her father instilled in her through reading in various books, to begin the journey of preparing scientific papers and participating in various conferences and seminars at the level of her region (Jazan) And the Kingdom, with the support of her teacher, who was keen on developing these talents of the young writer.

Effective solutions

The researcher “Dalaa” harnessed its capabilities to develop effective and realistic solutions to traditional energy problems, in order to overcome the problem mentioned in the research, represented in: the impact on human life and the travesty of the bad impact of traditional energy sources on the peoples of the world, and that they lead to heavy losses that exceed and exceed Armed by tens of times, and the need to find alternative sources of traditional energy such as solar and wind energy, and other types of clean energy that have proven their worth in the countries of the world, and a study concluded that air and water pollution is one of the most dangerous types of pollution at all, the main reason for their pollution is the sources. Conventional energy.

Study recommendations

“Madkhali” stated that the study recommended the necessity of seeking to implement European experiences in the use of clean renewable energy, and enacting legislation in order to punish violators of environmental protection laws.

a big role

In her book, the researcher “Dalaa” focused on the role of traditional energy, which is one of the most important elements in human life, and its great role in sustainable development and advancing the industrial revolution. Despite its importance and benefit in human progress, and its effects on the environment, it caused great risks to Human life, so the author tried to arrive at the damages resulting from the consumption of traditional energy sources.

My entrance spawned an early talent

She got her talent early on reading

In fourth grade I started writing scientific papers

I participated in scientific competitions

She has spoken at conferences and seminars

I got advanced positions

She finished in the sixth grade of primary school writing her first book


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