The Marx Brothers in the text

The actors have not left to posterity that films, their reflections and dialogues nourish a work that goes around the siblings.

Come to think of it, they’re funnier than the Dardenne brothers. The Marx Brothers created an indescribable mess on the film. In the family, we ask: Chico (inveterate player, settles all the time at the piano, dies ruined), Harpo (false dumb, wears a crumpled raincoat à la Columbo, drinks ink), Groucho (the most famous , with his mustache and his cigar, obsessed with sex), Gummo (their impresario) and Zeppo (does nothing). They triumphed on Broadway, were lucky that the cinema went to talkative. On the sets, they were untenable. Their numbers have become legendary, the boat cabin of Duck soup, the mirror scene in A night at the Opera. A thick volume lists all their follies. They are listed in alphabetical order. There is something to do, anecdotes, correspondence, dialogues, aphorisms.

In every old man there is a young one who wonders what happened

Groucho Marx

Obviously, Groucho is taking the lion’s share. He didn’t stop. We would like to quote everything about him. Some samples: “My mother loved it

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