The mandatory registration raises the engineers and technicians to 345 thousand

A source in the Saudi Council of Engineers revealed to the City of Engineers that the number of engineers currently registered with the authority reached 192766, while the number of technicians reached 153,300 technicians, referring to the decision of the Council of Ministers regarding the system of practicing the profession, and requiring unregistered engineers to register. The official authority with the authority, during the past few months, increased by an increase of more than 29 thousand engineers, while the authority recorded a decrease in the number of technicians by approximately 12,500 technicians during the same period.

He stressed that the authority is currently working to strengthen and support the executive rules of the engineering divisions, to achieve its goals and improve its performance, indicating that it is the backbone and scientific arm of the authority, and it includes 100 members specialized in the engineering field, who contribute to professional development, according to specific foundations and rules.

The authority is also working to build distinctive engineering competencies and capabilities that contribute effectively to the economic development in the Kingdom through many divisions in civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial, chemical and architecture, and he emphasized providing full support to engineers, especially those who recently graduated with their entry. Free courses within the transformation plan, in addition to holding subsidized courses for all categories of engineers. The total number of engineering offices registered with the authority reached 2,956, while the number of engineering companies reached 326. The authority seeks, in cooperation with the concerned authorities, to purify the sector from those with false diplomas, in order to maintain the efficiency of the sector, and it has been prohibited to recruit engineers with less than 5 years of experience.

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