The Makkah Chamber elections exceed 15,000 votes on its second day

Voting lists in the elections of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce in Makkah for the 21st session recorded a remarkable increase during the past hours, recording (15,097) votes, to choose (6) candidates for membership of the Council in its next four years out of (57), before the end of the period specified by it. Election Commission.

The Election Supervision Committee revealed that the number of voters is doubling at a clear pace to select candidates from among 12 groups, each consisting of three candidates, in addition to 21 individual candidates outside those groups.

The countdown to the conclusion of the election race for board membership has begun, as the committee is expected to announce the final results of the six winners out of 57 candidates, including one woman. It set nine o’clock in the evening of Wednesday, May 18, corresponding to Shawwal 17, as the date for announcing the final result.

The committee stated that voting will be available around the clock until the predetermined time, since voting in this session is completely electronic for the first time in the chamber’s history, and voters cast their votes by voting on the Ministry of Commerce website via the link ( .sa/Home/Index).


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