The Lord of the Rings: Elijah Wood declares his love for the landscapes of Cantal

“Incredible”, “Magnificent” … The actor, known for his role as Frodo in the fantastic saga, marveled at the beauty of the Auvergne region which closely resembles “Middle Earth”.

The beauty of the Auvergne landscapes caught the eye of Elijah Wood. “ Oh my God, what an achievement, on so many points! Cantal is beautiful, it looks like Middle Earth “, He expressed in a video sent to the young French director Léo Pons, as the newspaper relays The mountain .

In 2015, the latter had produced a parody of Lord of the Rings (by Peter Jackson) titled The Hobbit of Cantal, which captured the sublime horizons of the department. “ It is really similar to the landscapes of New Zealand, enthused the interpreter of Frodo. The mountains, the fields, the incredible landscapes, you have it all. This is what we had in New Zealand and this is what we see in the Lord of the Rings. “

You are on the right path

With great humility, he also did not hesitate to congratulate the young 24-year-old filmmaker. “ The rendering is incredible and does not look cheap», He explains. If he praises his talent, it remains easy for him to capture the beauty in the middle of this massive mountain range. “You can install your camera anywhere and it will be magnificent. It’s a very nice adaptation and an incredible showcase for this region where you come from “. Finally, he encourages Léo Pons to continue directing. “I will closely follow your future films. You are on the right path to be a director and you already are ”, he tells her. A huge compliment from this renowned actor who has just celebrated his 40th birthday.

“I was very pleasantly surprised by this reaction which highlights the department», Replied the young filmmaker, with the realization of a new project entitled The Buron, established in the Monts du Cantal during the Second World War. He said it himself, we have landscapes that resemble those of New Zealand ”, he rejoiced.

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