The Lebanese artistic community mourns the departure of Elias Rahbani

Lebanese musician Elias Rahbani passed away today, according to what Lebanese media announced hours ago. The late artist, born in 1938, is the younger brother of the late two brothers Asi and Mansour Rahbani.

The Lebanese journalist Yazbek Wahba said in his tweet: “The third of the Rahbani brothers, the musician Elias Rahbani, left this life at the age of 82 … Our artistic memory is scattered like autumn leaves.”

The actress, Carole Samaha, added: “A great man has left my country, and he has taken with him the most beautiful musical era in the history of the Lebanese song .. Goodbye Elias Rahbani .. Thank you for your generosity and loyalty to our country, Lebanon.

Najwa Karam Al Rahail attributed to the late family, saying: “Our deep condolences to Al Rahbanah on the death of the great musician Elias Rahbani .. Your death is a great loss to us and to Lebanon.”

“Elias” is a musician, composer, arranger, songwriter, and orchestra conductor. He composed more than 2,500 songs and songs, 2000 of them Arabic, and composed the soundtracks for 25 films, including Egyptian films, and also for series, the most famous of which are the music of the films “My Blood, My Tears, and My Smile”, “My Love” and ” The most beautiful days of my life ”and the series“ The Nightist ”, along with classical piano pieces.

The late musician was born in the city of “Inelias” in Mount Lebanon. He is married to Mrs. Nina Khalil. He has two sons (Ghassan and Jad) who are well known in the field of art and the music industry in Lebanon and the Arab world.

“Elias” composed and wrote a group of songs for a large number of veteran Lebanese artists, most notably Fayrouz, Sabah, Wadih Al Safi, Nasri Shams El Din, Melhem Barakat, Majida Al Roumi, Julia Boutros and others, but the songs composed and written by Mrs. Fairouz formed an imprint in the Lebanese memory, including: Oh, your love. And the forgotten room, and with you, O bird of Warwar, and between me and you, and Jina the house, and they killed me our black eyes, and you brothers, and we were moved, and Yay Yay, you forgot me, and the time was, and our count was milled.


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