The League of Arabia discusses the role of intellectual property in the development of the SME sector

The Arab League (Intellectual Property Management and Competitiveness) is organizing tomorrow a celebration on the occasion of the World Intellectual Property Day under the slogan “Intellectual Property and Small and Medium Enterprises: Transferring Your Ideas to the Market”, in the presence of the headquarters of the General Secretariat of the Arab League in Cairo, and with the participation of government officials of intellectual property offices in countries Arabic and a number of experts and researchers in the field of intellectual property. The Director of the Intellectual Property and Competitiveness Department at the Arab League, Dr. Maha Bakhit, said in a statement today that the ceremony includes holding a number of sessions to discuss the role of innovation in serving small and medium-sized companies, the importance of intellectual property as a tool to enhance the value of small and medium-sized companies’ products, and the role of universities in promoting innovation for these companies. In addition to presenting the best experiences and successful practices for small and medium-sized companies. She pointed out that the importance of highlighting, during this ceremony, the pivotal role that intellectual property plays in the development of the sector of small and medium-sized companies and entrepreneurs and helping them build stronger and more competitive projects in all countries of the world, by encouraging the owners of small and medium-sized enterprises on the importance of using Intellectual property for their companies and develop their ability to reach the market quickly.

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