The launch of the qualification program for the Makkah Days of Programming and Artificial Intelligence teams

This week, the qualification program for the teams participating in Makkah Days for Programming and Artificial Intelligence, which the advisor to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, Prince Khaled Al-Faisal, has agreed to launch in mid-February, as part of the activities of the Makkah Cultural Forum in its current session and its slogan “How to be an example in the digital world” .

The secretariat of the forum explained that the program, in which the ministries of Hajj and Umrah, Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing, and the Tourism Authority participate, will witness a gathering of teams representing students from King Abdulaziz Universities, Umm Al-Qura, Jeddah, Taif, and the University of Business and Technology as well as specialists and academics in the fields of technology, software and artificial intelligence. The program presents challenges in the sectors of Hajj and Umrah, tourism, entertainment and services, which helps the teams to create technical solutions and programs that contribute to the advancement and development of these sectors in a way that reflects positively on the services provided, as well as diagnosing and defining the positive aspects with the aim of strengthening and developing them in line with the rapid development in the aspects of technology, And at the same time, it contributes to achieving the services provided to the level that achieves hopes and aspirations.

She added, “The teams, with the participation of specialists, will hold panel discussions and meetings over a period of two days, during which they will diagnose the current reality and develop solutions for the hoped-for future, followed by seminars in which global speakers and officials representing sectors will participate, and they will discuss with the teams proposals, programs and platforms that achieve the desired goals.”

The secretariat noted that the program will continue to host speakers in the fields of technology entrepreneurship, who will focus on supporting projects and achieving growth in various aspects, in addition to addressing mechanisms to increase awareness and community culture towards using and harnessing the latest technology and technology in emerging and pioneering projects.

She added, “The program will include a review of the most prominent business models that have taken technology as an approach and its role in the success of commercial experiments. This will be supported by success stories told by a group of pioneers in these fields.” The secretariat of the Makkah Cultural Forum indicated that the last day of the program will be dedicated to explaining the mechanisms of the competition between the teams and the terms and conditions, and during the next week the enrichment sessions will be launched for the participating teams, which will witness the participation of specialized trainers in technical fields.


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