The launch of the mobile breast cancer detection vehicle in Taif

The Director of Health Affairs in Taif, Saeed bin Jaber Al-Qahtani, today inaugurated the mobile clinic for early detection of breast cancer, which was provided by the Ministry of Health. Al-Qahtani was briefed on the modern equipment provided by the mobile clinic and listened to an explanation given by Dr. Ahmed Al-Maliki, Director of the Health Programs Department.

Al-Maliki explained that the vehicle consists of a reception section and an examination section where the women are received, their personal data and the required information are recorded, and forwarded to the preparation and imaging department with mammograms, and then the images are sent to the central data center and the central reading center to be read in a short period, and the woman is informed of the result by a supervisor. Clinic and giving the appointment to transfer to the available clinic in the reference hospital with the same contact. Al-Maliki stressed that early detection of cases helps a large percentage in the treatment process, indicating that the mobile vehicle will serve Taif and the neighboring governorates.

For his part, the Taif Health Director praised the technologies contained in the mobile vehicle for early detection of breast cancer, indicating that the Ministry of Health is keen on ensuring the safety of citizens and residents from such diseases, God forbid.


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