The launch of the Fifth International Virtual Conference on Family Medicine in Jeddah

The International Medical Center, represented by the Department of Family Medicine, intends to hold the Fifth International Virtual Conference on Family Medicine over a period of five days, during the period from 22 to 26 November 2020, through partnerships that included many international and local organizations and associations, foremost of which is the Saudi Society for Family Medicine And society, the International Organization of Family Physicians, the Cooperative Health Insurance Council, the Saudi Health Council, the Scientific Council for Family Medicine at the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties, the Saudi Society for Evidence-Based Health Care, and the Joint Program for Family and Community Medicine in Jeddah.

This year’s conference comes as a strengthening of the International Medical Center in Jeddah’s drive in supporting the specialty of family medicine, and a continuation of the series of family medicine conferences that it successfully launched in the past four years.

The Consultant Family Medicine, Chairman of the Conference, Prof. Dr. Ashraf Abdul Qayyum Amir, confirmed that the conference achieved great successes in serving doctors and specialists in the field of family medicine and society in Saudi Arabia, and extended its resonance to the Arab Cooperation Council countries and many Arab countries, and contributed to improving the level of scientific and practical performance of family doctors And primary care physicians. He added that he also contributed to supporting the health system with many proposals and recommendations that contributed to the activation of preventive aspects and community field surveys to achieve the safety of communities, and the development of diagnostic and treatment methodologies to reduce the spread of diseases and the optimal use of resources.

In its fifth year, the conference will present about 42 scientific and research working papers presented by the professors and speakers participating in the conference from inside and outside the Kingdom in 14 scientific sessions throughout the days of the conference. The family in developing the primary health care system and transforming it into a health system concerned with health care based on value and return, and new in prevention and treatment methodologies for many diseases and physical and psychological health problems during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The president of the conference called on all specialists in various medical specialties, especially in family and community medicine, and other health practitioners to attend and participate in the conference that was approved by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties with twenty-five accredited scientific hours, and concluded by saying that the purpose of this scientific medical gathering is to broaden the horizon And professional medical scientific visions to rise in the ladder of knowledge that has no limits in the knowledge and sciences of family medicine, and to benefit from the sciences and experiences of this constellation of science stars in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the world.


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