The launch of the fifth family medicine conference

The Fifth International Virtual Family Medicine Conference, organized by the International Medical Center in Jeddah, kicked off yesterday evening and will last for five days.

Ensure that the official opening of the conference presentation, Secretary-General of the Saudi Health Council, Dr. Nahar Al-Azmi, entitled «Family Medicine site in Saudi Arabia Health Initiatives Council», followed by the presentation made by Dr. Young Ghamdi, Secretary General of the Council of Cooperative Health Insurance, entitled «Journey towards Value-based healthcare ». Meanwhile, the President of the International Organization of Family Physicians of the Eastern Mediterranean, Dr. Jinan Osta, delivered a speech in which she praised the role of this conference in providing all scientific developments to specialists in the field of family medicine throughout its five years. Badr bin Hamad, the consultant family medicine vice president of the conference, confirmed that the five-day conference will discuss a wide range of important medical issues in the field of family medicine with the participation of a group of large local bodies and organizations, most notably the Saudi Health Council and the Health Insurance Council, in addition to the organization International Family Physicians of the Eastern Mediterranean. It also hosts an elite of consultants, specialists and responsible speakers from inside and outside the Kingdom.


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