The launch of the contractors competency camp

The Saudi Contractors Authority Academy launched yesterday the “Contractors Competencies Camp”, which aims to develop workers in the sector technically and administratively in cooperation with the relevant authorities through an integrated interactive training trip organized by the Authority for a period of three days that includes the contractor’s journey in establishing the facility, rehabilitating it, managing it, implementing projects, and delivering projects. With high quality to achieve distinctive productivity, the camp also aims to limit the challenges of the sector and know how to deal with them, and know all the necessary procedures to issue records and documents to register and qualify the facility to be compatible with the contracting market.
The camp comes as an extension of the efforts made by the authority to develop the capabilities of workers in small and medium contracting establishments in particular and large enterprises in general, and to inform them of the relevant regulations in the sector. Government spending and projects, the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority, the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property, the Project Management Institute accreditation platform, the National Committee for the Saudi Building Code, the National Center for Government Resources Systems and others.


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