The launch of a safe family forum between Saudi Arabia and the UAE

The Family Affairs Council and the General Women’s Union in the United Arab Emirates hold a virtual forum under the title “A Safe Family, a Safe Society”, with the aim of strengthening the efforts provided by the concerned authorities for the family in Saudi Arabia and the UAE within the framework of exchanging experiences and examining best practices in the field of family stability, in coordination with the Council Saudi Emirati.

The virtual forum, which will be held on January 10 and 11, aims to exchange solutions and experiences in the field of family counseling, highlight best positive practices, and success stories in the field of family stability, benefit from experiences and prepare joint training programs, in addition to consolidating principles of social cohesion. The forum includes four dialogue sessions over a period of two days, the first of which is held under the title “My family is the source of my happiness” and deals with marital relations and the importance of utilizing all available means to ensure the achievement of family balance between the spouses, while the second session will be held under the title “Family culture and making change Adequate decisions in making change to circumstances that arise in family relations.

On the second day of the first session, the participants will discuss the topic of “positivity to avoid crises and solve problems.” Its content revolves around rights, duties and the ability to avoid crises, while the second session deals with “family and community cohesion” to emphasize the importance of achieving stability in the environment of social and family relations between Extended family members, self-esteem and a sense of security and reassurance.

The virtual forum opens its dialogue sessions with two words, the first by the President of the General Women’s Union, Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak, and the second by the Secretary General of the Family Affairs Council, Dr. Hala Al-Twaijri.

The President of the General Women’s Union, Chair of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood, and Supreme Chairperson of the Foundation for Family Development «Mother of the Nation» Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak, on the occasion of the launch of the virtual forum, that the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have presented the world with a unique model in achieving social cohesion for the Arab family. According to an ambitious future vision that preceded its era by decades, thanks to the wise leadership of the two countries.

She said, “Today and every day we renew our commitment to support the issue of women and children and work hand in hand with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in developing proactive plans with a long-term vision, in which we create initiatives and programs, exchange solutions and experiences and overcome challenges, to ensure a decent and safe life for our societies.” She continued, “We directed the Union The General Women’s Center shall develop strategies and mechanisms with all local, regional and international stakeholders, to ensure the continuity of distinction and glory in achieving sustainable social development that guarantees family protection, in accordance with international obligations.

She stated by saying: “With all pride, love and pride I take this generous occasion to express our pride in the historical fraternal relations deeply rooted between the UAE and Saudi Arabia, and to commend all the efforts made by the General Women’s Union, the Saudi Family Affairs Council and the Saudi-Emirati Coordination Council for the exceptional coordination that we are witnessing. With the launch of the first virtual forum ».

For her part, the Secretary-General of the Saudi Family Affairs Council, Dr. Hala Al-Tuwaijri, affirmed that the forum came to consolidate and strengthen social cohesion and achieve support and empowerment of the Saudi and Emirati family, and to exchange experiences on best practices in the field of family stability, extending her heartfelt thanks to the rational leadership in the Kingdom for its continuous support to the family. She also commended the General Women’s Union in the Emirates for sponsoring this blessed event.

Al-Tuwaijri pointed out that the Council for Family Affairs and the General Women’s Union share together the goals that they seek to achieve in the service of the family in the two countries, indicating that the council aims to make a qualitative leap in the process of social and development work in the Kingdom, and takes them to broad horizons through serious institutional work that is Its outputs enable and support all segments of society to build a vibrant society that enjoys stability and well-being, in line with the Kingdom’s 2030 vision, and an achievement of the sustainable development goals. The Secretary-General added that the Council works on multiple tracks aimed at addressing the challenges facing the family, raising awareness of the importance of the role of the family and all its members in the development of society, and adopting partnerships with all sectors and relevant authorities in order to unify efforts towards the goals of the council’s vision aimed at empowering the family and enhancing its role. In the sustainable development of Saudi society 2030.

For her part, the Secretary-General of the General Women’s Union, Noura Khalifa Al-Suwaidi, said: “We believe that the future begins with the stability of our families and they are the basis of the homeland, and all of us, as citizens and residents, government agencies, local bodies and civil society institutions, must work together to nurture an educated, ambitious, creative, and qualified generation. To improve the family system », pointing out that the General Women’s Union has been working since its inception to maintain the quality of family life and to provide a safe and decent life.

Amjad Al-Musallam, Director General of the Coordination Councils in charge of the Ministry of Economy and Planning and a representative of the Saudi side of the Secretariat of the Executive Committee of the Saudi-Emirati Coordination Council, confirmed that one of the main axes of the Saudi-Emirati Coordination Council is the axis of human and social development, and the virtual forum is considered one of the important steps in promoting social cohesion and family bonding. In addition, the existence of such initiatives and activities greatly contributes to achieving the sustainable development goals. She also praised the efforts made by the Council for Family Affairs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the General Women’s Union in the United Arab Emirates, looking forward to more achievements in the areas of the family and women.


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