The latest developments in Wael Kfoury’s health condition

Sources close to the Lebanese artist, Wael Kfoury, revealed the latest developments in his health, after he was transferred to the hospital following a tragic accident, yesterday, Friday, in the Lebanese city of Byblos.

The sources said, in statements to the “ET Arabic” program, that Kfoury will remain under medical observation until tomorrow, Sunday, for fear of sudden bleeding, while his close friends are allowed to visit him in the hospital for a few minutes.

As for the damage that Wael Kfoury sustained as a result of the horrific accident, a source close to him confirmed that he suffers from pain throughout his body due to direct exposure to airbags in his car, but he does not need to undergo any urgent operation.

Regarding the morale of Wael Kfoury after the accident, sources close to him said that he told those around him that the incident did not affect him, and he was keen to joke with his friends as well as the nurses who take care of him in the hospital.

Wael Kfoury was involved in an accident in his car on the Byblos highway, and he was accompanied by his girlfriend. The Lebanese Red Cross and Civil Defense personnel took him to Al-Ma’unat Hospital.

Many artists, friends of Wael Kfoury, were keen to pray for him for a speedy recovery after the accident, and were keen to check on his health, most notably the Lebanese artist, Elissa.


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