The largest knowledge station in the history of the Kingdom

On an area of ​​36,000 square meters, the Riyadh International Book Fair, in its first edition, is located under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture, and the organization of the Literature, Publishing and Translation Authority, to include among its sides a summary of minds in various sciences, knowledge and arts, under one roof, inspiration at hand, by which paths are shortened, Awareness is stimulated and knowledge is nourished by tales that are protected from withering, and endless amazement, and a readiness that sows joy for ten days, the first of which comes at the beginning of October, to reap the fruits of what was sown in it, years and even lifetimes. The Riyadh Book, which is the largest book fair in the history of the Kingdom, hosts fifteen thousand visitors simultaneously, and the knowledge and experiences of 28 countries coming from the five continents of the world, for dialogue and cultural and knowledge communication, with a distinctive view of Iraq as the guest of honor, conveying its civilization through participations A quality, for a group of writers and artists, to present an original model about Iraqi literature and art.

new destination

The land of the Riyadh International Book Fair is a “new destination” for everyone who is interested in knowledge, and a threshold to enter a world crowded with various enriching templates. The cultural glow evokes the saying of the philosopher Aristotle: “A person is judged by two questions, How many books does he read? And what does he read?” With his erudition and abundance of knowledge, and the number of books add to the age, which accelerates the stage of maturity, even for those who are young.


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