The largest Arab wooden ship in the world

The Emirati vessel “Ubaid”, named after the father Obaid Jumaa bin Majid Al Falasi, an Emirati sailor and maker of ships, broke the world record for the largest Arab wooden ship in the world, according to Guinness World Records.

The dimensions of this gigantic mobile edifice were 91.47 meters long and 20.41 meters wide. The work on this ship took many years, and at first it was not based on a clear engineering vision or prior plans, but this vision developed over the years. The craftsmen working on this vessel are described as possessing experience in the “art of making ships”.

Mr. Majid Obaid Al Falasi, who is currently 52 years old, says that his intention was not to achieve the achievement of achieving the world title, but also in honor of his deceased father, Obaid Jumaa bin Majid Al Falasi.

The height of the ship is 11.22 meters, while its weight is about 2500 tons, distributed between about 1700 tons of wood and about 800 tons of iron.

It is manufactured using local and imported materials, and is capable of shipping a tonnage of up to 6000 tons. The wood was imported from Africa, and most of it is forest wood.

In contrast to the costs of years of working on this vessel, and the wages of dozens of specialized craftsmen, the cost of this vessel comes from the costs of importing wood, and the tens of thousands of nuts and bolts, bolts and nails used in the construction process.

The ship is powered by two engines, each with a capacity of 1,850 steam horsepower, and will be used for shipping operations between the Emirates and Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Egypt, Kenya, Pakistan, India, and possibly Iraq.


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