The Kingdom is the first in the world to export dates for the year 2021, with a value exceeding one billion riyals

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ranked first (globally) in date exports in the last year 2021 in terms of value, according to what was announced by the (TradeMab) website of the World Trade Center, where the value of Saudi exports of dates during the same year amounted to 1.215 billion riyals.

The National Center for Palms and Dates indicated in a statement that what has been achieved reflects the interest and care of the rational leadership in enhancing non-oil revenues and developing the work system in planting and improving palm production, in addition to the pioneering role of partners, led by farmers.

The Center added that the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 paid great attention to the palm and dates sector through its development and sustainability, and worked from an early age in preparing and implementing programs to develop this sector, as it raised its contribution to the GDP.

He indicated that the efforts focused on the integration of national companies made by the relevant government agencies, producers and exporters of dates; To facilitate export procedures, develop value chains, improve production quality and quantity, raise the efficiency of marketing dates and encourage investment, provide the necessary information, data and studies, improve supply chain efficiency and enhance human and institutional capabilities.

It is worth noting that the value of the palm and dates sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is approximately 7.5 billion riyals, or 12% of the total agricultural output and 0.4 of the total non-oil output.

The number of palm trees is 33 million, which represents 27% of the total palm trees in the world. The number of agricultural holdings for date palms in the Kingdom is 123 thousand.


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