The Kingdom is ranked first in the world in four indicators of entrepreneurship

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has recorded unprecedented global success in four international sub-indicators in the field of entrepreneurship this year, as it celebrates the International Day of Entrepreneurs, which fell on Saturday, August 21, topping the first ranks of four sub-indices, in addition to achieving advanced ranks in six other indicators. According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Index, which is monitored and monitored by the National Center for Measuring the Performance of Public Institutions “Performance”, which measures the different levels of stimulating entrepreneurship and its activity in the world.

The Kingdom’s superiority came by ranking first globally in the two indicators: “Availability of good opportunities to start a business” and “Ease of starting a business.” It also ranked first in the two indicators: “Entrepreneurs’ response to the pandemic” and “The Kingdom’s government response to the pandemic” among 45 nation .

In conjunction with the International Day of Entrepreneurs, the Adaa Center confirmed that the Kingdom’s progress in international indicators of entrepreneurship included the second place in the “owning skills and knowledge of individuals” index, and the “infrastructure” index, which is concerned with easy access to roads and airports, as well as utilities, such as electricity. Internet, etc., and accessibility by entrepreneurs. While it ranked third in the “Ease of obtaining financing for companies and entrepreneurs” and “Ease of entry and market dynamics” indicators, the latter measures the extent of the existence of free, open and growing markets that outperform 42 countries, and ranked fourth globally in the two indicators: “Government support for business”. and “Lack of Barriers and Ease of Regulations for Market Entry” among 45 countries.

The National Center for Measuring the Performance of Public Institutions “Ada” is keen to follow up on the Kingdom’s progress and performance through the electronic platform for international performance; Which compares the Kingdom’s performance with more than 217 countries around the world, enabling decision makers to develop performance and global competitiveness. The International Performance Platform also gives a comprehensive view of the Kingdom’s performance for more than 700 global measurement indicators across 12 measurement axes.

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