The Kingdom is progressing 5 ranks in the transition to clean energy

The Kingdom advanced 5 ranks in the Effective Clean Energy Transformation 2021 report, which was released by the World Economic Forum yesterday. The report relies on insights drawn from the Energy Transition Index, which measures the performance of 115 economies in terms of their energy systems across the three dimensions of the Energy Triangle: economic development, growth and environmental sustainability, access and access indicators, and the readiness to switch to safe, sustainable, affordable and inclusive energy systems. The report stated that the Kingdom ranked 81st in the world in the Energy Transition Index 2021, as it witnessed a very positive and stable performance over the past ten years in many of the report’s indicators, which indicates its readiness to activate the energy transition. According to the report, progress is evident in Saudi performance in regulation, political commitment and institutional governance, by reducing the energy and carbon intensity of the energy mix through measures such as expanding renewable energy resources, electricity, as well as the use of carbon absorption technologies. Globally, the report indicated that Sweden ranked first for the fourth consecutive year, followed by its neighbors, Norway, in second place, and Denmark in third. And it recently launched the “Sakaka” solar power plant, a step in a long way to convert to clean energy that does not run out. The Kingdom has signed 7 new projects to produce electricity from solar energy, with the aim of obtaining more than 3,600 megawatts of electricity, reducing more than 7 million tons of emissions that lead to global warming, and this limits the use of traditional fuels in energy production for export abroad at prices double for domestic consumption. The idea of ​​reviving renewable solar energy to be a source of electricity in the Kingdom in particular, and in the Gulf region in general, is linked to the difficult climate in the region and the world, and the need to move towards afforestation and stop using energy sources that leave behind harmful greenhouse gases.

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