The kingdom is on a date with Guinness

Today, the Saudi street is looking forward to coinciding with the (International Day of Disability) a new national achievement for the Kingdom in the Guinness Encyclopedia of Records, by direct organization of the Iradah Association for the Gifted with Disabilities, which launched its campaign with great support and strategic partnership with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, which in turn will raise A full report on the campaign for the High Commissioner, and most of the state’s sectors, including ministries, agencies and major sectors, in addition to major Saudi companies participated. This national campaign to support people with disabilities comes differently from each year, as it is customary for support for this group to be limited to the moral side and some activities that support people with disabilities psychologically and are limited to a certain number of those interested in this dear category. Therefore, Al-Irada Association headed to achieve a national achievement for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through this campaign that includes all citizens and residents, in order to achieve the goal of effectively empowering people with disabilities and achieving their aspirations, by motivating society in all its segments to contribute financially to support this group, through this The campaign, in which the entry of the Guinness Book of Records is a major goal of its goals, which is in line with the Kingdom’s goals in Vision 2030, which gives the third sector full attention and participation in the development of society and highlights the pioneering role of the Kingdom at all levels.


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